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comment here if you'd like to friend,
as  long as we have at least one or two things in common, I'll gladly friend you back. You might want to check out my intro post.
P.S. I'm kinda shy but I'll do my best to comment/be as social with you as I can



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[Gaga]Everyone's Peace

Intro Post~

Name Melody or whatever

I Am A chick, shy, artistic, spasm-prone

What I love music, art, writing, colorful things, epic moments of win, good days, nice people, bffs, long black hair (whut?) video games, books, cats, turtles, crime dramas/mysteries, grammar, country stuff, retro stuff, modern stuff, Jane Austen, epic stories, pom-poms, converse, apple computers, ipods, anime, manga, pretty much anything not in my 'hate' list, Hayao Miyazaki films.

stuff I hate Twilight (series/fans), weak female characters (and weak characters in general), ignorance, snobby/preppy people, drama, sadness, stereotypes, stephanie meyer, close-mined people, nerd/geek haters, school, school drama, pervy guys, ppl tyin lyk tis, noobs, politics, people focus on political parties rather than getting the job done, the mindset that appearances are everything.

In the journal I talk about writing a lot. I also lve photoshop so I'll be linking to my icon community, pinknblackicons a lot. I'll also have spasms about the latest episode/chapter of whatever I'm watching/reading (especially Durarara and Fullmetal Alchemist) I'll talk about my day/real life sometimes. I rant a lot on here, usually about whatever was on abc or aol news that day, or about something I randomly stumbled across. 

Updates/post I update pretty frequently, but sometimes I'll just stop posting for while. 

Commenting Like said above, I'm shy, so I won't comment much, but I will try to be as helpful as my generic-advice can be. 

fandoms:castle, fullmetal alchemist, K-on, durarara, kingdom hearts, sonic the hedgehog, NCIS, Avatar: The Last Airbender, glee, the world ends with you, pokemon (sometimes), Fairy Tale, Rave Master,
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*500themes master list (19/500)

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Is this a crazy thing to try? does it seem a little odd for someone who has motivational problems? Yes.
BUT the themes ( I think) are great, and the 1 year of a paid account is a great prize to have. I love fanfiction challenges, which is probably obvious after how much I gushed after completing 10iloveyou, idk why I just do. It's easier to experiment when writing fanfiction because to me it just seems . . . less perminent? I don't know, that's the best I can explain it.