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Can You Read My Mind?

The Sky Is Burning Like Rebel Diamonds.

~A rhyme just like a *melody*~

We're Marching On:

Melodyic_Rhyme: Aspiring writer and artist,music enthusiest. Usually I'm freaking over the latest CD I've downloaded, the latest chapter of my favorite mangas, or whatever that's grating on my nerves at the time. I don't really fit with other people my age, so don't expect me to blog about the latest Rihanna or Black Eyed Peas album.

I'm hoping to be a writer for a living, so I'll post Fan Fiction/original stuff every now and then. My latest idea, Crimson is a WIP and the the first two chapters are here on LJ or my fictionpress account. I'm actually really trying to get over my shyness when it comes to stuff like writing/art, so any comments & critiques are apreciated. Like my writing, I'll do art dumps every now and then to.

FictionPress // Deviant Art // Silver Ink (writing forum)